Reviewing over Spring Break


Spring break has come and gone and I have to say, it has been an amazing two weeks. On the first week I traveled to the New York and on the second week, I went to Hong Kong. New York or as others call it, the Big Apple, was amazing. I went with a group of classmates on a school tour and brought a couple friends along. During the day, we went sightseeing and managed to visit all the wonderful places, ranging from the Grand Central Park to Little Italy. I had no idea a city this big could exist. It took my friends and I at least an hour and a half to travel to the Statue of Liberty from our hotel. During the night, we emerge ourselves in the arts. I was fortunate to listen to an opera and visit the MOMA and other sort of museums. I learned how to appreciate art like Starry Night painted by Van Gogh and the Scream by Edvard Munch. It was the first time that I realized a city this big actually existed. Soon enough, the week in New York flew by like a breeze and I was back on a twenty hour airplane flight to Hong Kong.

From one city that never sleeps to another, I eventually arrived on the other side of the world. The reason why I had to be there was quite important, there was a big family reunion. My brother, cousins and all my family members came back to Hong Kong to visit my grandpa since he was getting quite old and he proposed that we had all of his immediate family to come over and go worship our ancestors. We accomplish this by going into the mountains and visiting our family graves. I recall seeing two roasted whole pigs being brought up to the mountain as tribute for our dead ancestors. It was a sight to see. We at least had thirty relatives accompany my grandpa and pay their respect to the graves. In that trip, I learned more about my family, like my long lost uncle and met relatives who I have never seen before.

In conclusion, Spring Break was amazing, I am really fortunate to travel all around the world and experience things that some people would love to see. Being able to visit amazing museums and experience Chinese culture is a thing that I would love to experience again later on in my life.


My Big Believeable Blog Post


Ello Everyone!

I am pretty excited today. I am finally writing my very first blog post ever! To be honest though, this is very new to me. Writing this post already proved to be a challenge for me, I had difficulties to even find my own blog page. This feels so new to me even for a frequent and experienced internet user.  I feel like an adventurer trying to regain his bearings in an unknown jungle. Anyways! I’m getting off topic. I am starting on a project with other friends called the Personal Learning Environments (PLE). A PLE is a project where you get to learn and create your own personal learning environment online. I thought it was a neat little idea and decided to try it. I really can’t wait to learn about my favorite things, or even better… Random Facts! I’ll write more about it later and explain it in greater detail.

“Enthusiasm is the great hill-climber.” -Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915)